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Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus) - Wiki
Subject: Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus) - Wiki
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Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus) - Wiki

Red-crowned Woodpecker
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[Photo] Red-crowned Woodpecker Melanerpes rubricapillus, from Tobago Date: 8 January 2000

The Red-crowned Woodpecker, Melanerpes rubricapillus, is a resident breeding bird from southwestern Costa Rica south to Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and Tobago.

This woodpecker occurs in forests and semi-open woodland and cultivation. It nests in a hole in a dead tree or large cactus. The clutch is two eggs, incubated by both sexes, which fledge after 31-33 days.

Adults are 20.5 cm long and weigh 48g. They have a zebra-barred black and white back and wings and a white rump. The tail is black with some white barring, and the underparts are pale buff-brown.

The male has a red crown patch and nape. The female has a buff crown and duller nape. Immature birds are duller, particularly in the red areas of the head and neck. M. r. terricolor of Tobago is larger and darker-breasted than the nominate race.

Red-crowned Woodpeckers feed on insects, but will take fruit and visit nectar feeders.

This common and conspicuous species gives a rattling krrrrrl call and both sexes drum on territory.
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