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Persian onager (Equus hemionus onager)
Subject: Persian onager (Equus hemionus onager)
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Equus onager - 1700-1880 - Print - Iconographia Zoologica - Special Collections University of Amsterdam - UBA01 IZ21700091.jpg
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Persian onager (Equus hemionus onager)

Equus onager
Date 1700-1880
Source/Photographer Iconographia Zoologica
Old Latin name Equus onager
New Latin name Equus hemionus onager
Common name Nederlands: Onager

The Persian onager (Equus hemionus onager), also called the Persian wild ass or Persian zebra, is a subspecies of onager (Asiatic wild ass) native to Iran. The Persian onager is also simply named gur, meaning "swift" in the Persian language, in which the word gur has preserved as the second syllable for ono, which meant "donkey". Hence, onager.

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