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White Horse <!--백마-->
Subject: White Horse
White Horse-novilheiro ferro MV lusitano.jpg
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White Horse

From: "IRC"
Subject: Re: Please Post Some Horses Photos
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 15:48:09 +0200

>Looking for photos of horses to use for wall paper

Here go lots of them.
If you want more,contact me.

novilheiro ferro MV lusitano.jpg

horsefanatic 100%
this is not a white horse, a white horse must have pink muzzle and eye trimmings, othrewise it's called a gray/grey horse. Nonetheless I have to admit that it's a beautiful picture. :)(:
Looks white to me
yeah cause white is accatally not a colour in horses they say its grey yeah but it's a beautiful picture!
grey horses have black skin and white horses have pink skin- that's the way i learned it.
love his/her pose.
theres no sucht thing as a white horse its called gray or grey.
yes there is such thing as a white horse
white horses have pink skin
Yes, according to the "legal definition" it's a gray, but do we have to have people continue nagging about it. Enjoy the pictures, and be silent. To the non-horse person it's white and always will be. The horse dont complain if it's called white......
this photo is great but too small
White horse to me. I was raised grey is grey and white is white. So it`s white in my dictionary!
I agree wid xxxxxxx
11-yr-old Sparki
there is no such thing as a "white" horse nor an albino, rather a white horse is a grey and an allbino is actually a perlino, which is a bay with 2 creme genes, which makes a lighter color because the cream gene has duplicated itself, overpowering the bey gene. by the way, there are 2 types of "white" horses, which are actually not white but they have theyre own name. the dominant white and the sabino white. the dominant white horses are real rare and they have to have a true dominant white parent. the sabino cane pop up anyware in the line but is also not common. this is probabaly a grey horse that turned whitebeacuse it would stilll have dark skin and not the true "' white" horse eyes. What yall can take away from this boring lecture is that this is not a white horse and it is offensive to call a horse a color that its not.
Yo, I don't care what color it is, its beautiful!!!! Even though it is white!!!! The skin color is what we are debating about, not its muzzle.
Hey, It looks like its about to be knocked over!!!! "Wait horsey, I'll save you!!!"
so 11rd old spark ur saying that it I have a white horse then it don't exsist, its imaginary! And yes there is such thing as white horses coz I GOT ONE. its got pink skin, blue eyes and white hooves. ALBINO. greys are black skinned and mostly brown eyed!
there is a such thing as a white hose have you ever heard of shampoo!!? great picture but the contrast is a bit out
Wolf in the Mist
for some reason it looks tan
Yes dreamcatcher you do have a white horse. To be a white horse the horse MUST have the features you described. But once again it is an absolutely gorgeous picture. It is always nice to see a horse just enjoying themselves and playing around.
White is actually a colour in horses. But true white horses are very rare. Otherwise it is called a grey.
i have a truly albino horse got him from a slaughter sale pure white coat pink skin and pink eyes and white hooves take that 11 year old

white horse
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