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Subject: Kentriodon
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Kentriodon BW.jpg
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Description Kentriodon, an odontocete whale from the Miocene, pencil drawing, digital coloring
Date 25 March 2008
Source Own work
Author Nobu Tamura (

Kentriodon is an extinct genus of toothed whale related to modern-day dolphins. Fossils have been found in Europe, Japan, and the Western Hemisphere. Seven species have been described so far. Order: Artiodactyla, Infraorder: Cetacea, Family: Kentriodontidae, Genus: Kentriodon.
- Kentriodon pernix Kellogg, 1927 (type)
- Kentriodon fuchsii (Brandt, 1873)
- Kentriodon hobetsu Ichishima, 1995
- Kentriodon obscurus (Kellogg, 1931)
- Kentriodon schneideri Whitmore and Kaltenbach, 2008
- Kentriodon diusinus Salinas-Márquez, Barnes, Flores-Trujillo, Aranda-Manteca, 2014
- Kentriodon hoepfneri Kazár & Hampe, 2014

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