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Rüppell's fox, Rueppell's fox (Vulpes rueppellii)
Subject: Rüppell's fox, Rueppell's fox (Vulpes rueppellii)
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Rüppell's fox - Rüppell's fox, Rueppell's fox (Vulpes rueppellii).jpg
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Rüppell's fox, Rueppell's fox (Vulpes rueppellii)

English: Rüppell's Fox in White Desert, Egypt
Date 23 August 2010
Source Own work
Author HelmutBoehm

Rüppell's fox or Rueppell's fox (Vulpes rueppellii) is a species of fox living in North Africa, the Middle East, and southwestern Asia. It is named after the German naturalist Eduard Rüppell. This fox is also called the sand fox, but this terminology is confusing because the corsac fox (Vulpes corsac) and the Tibetan sand fox (Vulpes ferrilata) are also known as "sand foxes". Order: Carnivora, Family: Canidae. Synonym: Vulpes rueppelli.

Scientific Name: Vulpes rueppellii (Schinz, 1825)
Common Names: Rüppell's Fox, Rüeppell's Fox, Rüppell’s Sand Fox, Sand Fox; [French] Renard de Rüppell, Renard famélique
Synonyms: Vulpes rueppelli (Schinz, 1825) [orth. error]

vulpes rueppelli
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