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Pale Fox (Vulpes pallida) - Wiki
Subject: Pale Fox (Vulpes pallida) - Wiki
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Pale Fox (Vulpes pallida) - Wiki

Pale Fox
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[Photo] Pale Fox (Vulpes pallida). Source: Natural History Museum, London.

The Pale Fox (Vulpes pallida) is a species of fox which inhabits the Sahel from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east. It is widespread throughout the Sahel but its environmental status is described as "data deficient" due to lack of intensified study of the pale fox in the wild.

The pale fox is long-bodied with relatively short legs and a narrow muzzle. Its ears are long and rounded at the tip. Its tail is bushy and black-tipped. The upperpart of its body has a pale sandy color, while the underpart is whitish. A dark ring surrounds the fox's eyes.

There are four recognized subspecies of pale fox:

Vulpes pallida pallida,
Vulpes pallida edwardsi,
Vulpes pallida harterti,
Vulpes pallida oertzeni.
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vulpes pallida
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