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Bengal Fox (Vulpes bengalensis) - Wiki
Subject: Bengal Fox (Vulpes bengalensis) - Wiki
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Bengal Fox (Vulpes bengalensis) - Wiki

Bengal Fox
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[Photo] Indian fox (Vulpes bengalensis). Source: Sri. Venkateswara Zoological Park

Range and Habitat
The Indian fox (Vulpes bengalensis) is a fox endemic to the Indian subcontinent and is found from the Himalayan foothills and Terai of Nepal through southern India and from southern and eastern Pakistan to eastern India and southeastern Bangladesh

Vulpes bengalensis is a relatively small fox with an elongated muzzle, long pointed ears, and a bushy tail ca. 50 to 60% length of head and body. Dorsal pelage is grayish and paler ventrally; legs tend to be brownish or rufous. Tail is bushy with prominent black tip. Back of ears are dark brown with black margin. Rhinarium is naked and lips are black, with small black hair patches on upper part of muzzle in front of eyes. Extensive variation in coat color may occur between populations and seasonally within populations, but generally varies from grey to pale brown.

Head and Body Length: 18-24 in (45-60 cm)
Tail Length: 10-14 in. (25-35 cm)
Weight: 5-9 lb. (2-4 kg)

The Bengal fox feeds on rodents, reptiles, crabs, termites, insects, small birds, and fruits.

Reproduction and Living
Although the Bengal fox lives in pairs, it hunts alone. It undergoes a gestation period of 53 days; after, four kits are born in a den.

Hunting for its skin and flesh as well as conversion of its grassland habitat have affected its population density. In addition, its body parts are used in traditional medicine, and in some areas it is eaten.
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vulpes bengalensis
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