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Pacific littleneck clam (Leukoma staminea)
Subject: Pacific littleneck clam (Leukoma staminea)
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Pacific littleneck clam (Leukoma staminea)

Subject: Clams, Paphia
Tag: Shellfish
Source: Paphia staminea, ripped-carpet shell, hard-shelled clam, Pacific Fisherman annual 1905, Seattle, WA, 1905, p. 20

Leukoma staminea, commonly known as the Pacific littleneck clam, the littleneck clam, the rock cockle, the hardshell clam, the Tomales Bay cockle, the rock clam or the ribbed carpet shell, is a species of bivalve mollusc in the family Veneridae. This species of mollusc was exploited by early humans in North America; for example, the Chumash peoples of Central California harvested these clams in Morro Bay approximately 1,000 years ago, and the distinctive shells form middens near their settlements. Leukoma staminea is native to the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Order: Venerida
Superfamily: Veneroidea
Family: Veneridae
Genus: Leukoma
Species: Leukoma staminea (Conrad, 1837)
Chione ruderata Deshayes, 1853
Paphia staminea (Conrad, 1837)
Paphia staminea orbella Carpenter, 1864
Paphia staminea var. sulculosa Dall, 1902
Protothaca grewingkii Dall, 1904
Protothaca staminea (Conrad, 1837)
Tapes diversa G. B. Sowerby II, 1852
Tapes tumida G. B. Sowerby II, 1852
Tapes tumida Carpenter, 1857
Venerupis petiti Deshayes, 1839
Venus ampliata Carpenter, 1857
Venus conradi Römer, 1867
Venus mundulus Reeve, 1863
Venus pectunculoides Valenciennes, 1846
Venus rigida Gould, 1850
Venus staminea Conrad, 1837

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