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Palaeotrionyx (Ancient Softshell Turtle) - Wiki
Subject: Palaeotrionyx (Ancient Softshell Turtle) - Wiki
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Palaeotrionyx (Ancient Softshell Turtle) - Wiki

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Fossil range: Paleocene

Order: Testudines
Suborder: Cryptodira
Family: Trionychidae
Genus: Palaeotrionyx

Palaeotrionyx ('dawn three-claw') is an extinct genus of cryptodire turtle from the Paleocene period, belonging to the extant softshell turtle family. It was about 45 cm (1 ft 6 in) long.

Palaeotrionyx, like its modern relatives, had no scutes on its carapace, which probably had leathery, pliable skin at the sides. Its feet sported only three digits???a typical trait of the family. Unlike its short-necked relatives, Palaeotrionyx had a long neck. Based on the diet of modern softshell turtles, it was an omnivore.
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