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Toad Eating Mouse
Subject: Toad Eating Mouse
Poster: "Shirley Curtis" (
Sinaloan Toad Eating2-by Shirley Curtis.jpg
File size : 52701 bytes File date : 2000:11:19 18:53:47 Resolution: 700x522 Jpeg process : Baseline Posted Newsgroups: Posted Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 13:10:28 -0700

Toad Eating Mouse

Sinaloan Toad eating a mouse. The first picture is kinda soft, but I loved
the expression on his face, and you can clearly see little mousy bits
hanging from his lips. The second one is in focus, but he doesn't have that
rapturous expression of eating something really, really tasty.

BTW, I met Ralf Schmode out at the Desert Museum last Saturday, and we shot
together. He will be back in Germany tomorrow and probably posting by next
week some time. He went road tripping all over the American West, so be
prepared for lots and lots of scans. :-) I told him I'd wait until he
posted his for me to post mine. I think, even though they are of the same
subject, they will be somewhat different. [The enclosed toad shots were
from another roll taken three weeks ago.]



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