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Deep4 Grimpoteuthis
Subject: Deep4 Grimpoteuthis
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Deep4 Grimpoteuthis

Deep4 Grimpoteuthis

scot hacker’s foobar blog » Out there

Mysteries of the Deep

Think you’ve seen all the fascinating pictures of trippy creatures living at the bottom of the ocean there are to see? The current issue of Smithsonian Magazine has an amazing
photo spread
full of truly mind-blowing photos of the gelatinous dwellers of the deep. The article is actually a review of a coffee-table book titled
The Deep
, comprised of more than 160 photos taken by bathyscaphe researchers from around the world. Most are proof of just how “head-shakingly bizarre life can be. The scientists who discovered the creatures were apparently as amused as we are, giving them names such as gulper eel, droopy sea pen, squarenose helmetfish, ping-pong tree sponge, Gorgon’s head and googly-eyed glass squid.”

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