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Shark <!--상어류-->
Subject: Shark
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Plate 250. The Thrasher Shark. Alopias vulpes, (Gmel.) Bonap. The Horned Dogfish. Squalus acanthias, L. The Tope or Oil Shark. Galeorhinus galeus, (L.) Blainville.

Image ID: figb0521, Historic NMFS Collection

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Thrasher Shark - Alopias vulpes;
Horned Dogfish - Squalus acanthias;
Tope, Oil Shark - Galeorhinus galeus;
The school shark, tope shark, soupfin shark or snapper shark, Galeorhinus galeus, is a hound shark of the family Triakidae, the only member of the genus Galeorhinus, found worldwide in subtropical seas at depths of up to 550 m. It grows to 2 m long.
Scientific Name: Squalus acanthias Linnaeus, 1758
Common Names:
English – Spiny Dogfish, Cape Shark, Spurdog, Piked Dogfish, Mud Shark, Grayfish
French – Aiguillat commun
Spanish – Cazón Espinoso, Espinillo, Galludo, Mielga, galludo espinoso
Squalus fernandinus Molina, 1782
Koinga kirki Phillipps, 1931
Squalus tasmaniensis Howell Rivero, 1936

squalus acanthias
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