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red siskin (Spinus cucullatus)
Subject: red siskin (Spinus cucullatus)
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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 7 red siskin (Spinus cucullatus).jpg
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red siskin (Spinus cucullatus)

Plate 7. Carduelis cucullata. Hooded Seed-eater.
Date January 1820
Source Zoological Illustrations, Volume I.
Author William Swainson, F.R.S., F.L.S.

The red siskin (Spinus cucullatus) is a small endangered finch native to tropical South America - in northern Colombia, northern Venezuela and Guyana. The red siskins are found in open country, forest edges and grassland with trees or shrubs. The female is believed to lay three greenish-white eggs in a grassy cup nest in a tree.

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Fringillidae
Subfamily: Carduelinae
Genus: Spinus
Species: Spinus cucullatus (Swainson, 1820)
- Carduelis cucullata Swainson, 1820
- Sporagra cucullata (Swainson, 1820)

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