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Long tailed skipper - Skipper.jpg
Subject: Long tailed skipper - Skipper.jpg
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Long-tailed Skipper Butterfly-by Jose Sierra Jr.jpg
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Long tailed skipper - Skipper.jpg

I found this skipper in my son's bedroom window. The skipper never
glides and is really hard to get to sit still so I captured it and
headed for the fridge. Butterflies don't fly below 55 degrees so a
quick cool down wouldn't hurt it and give me a chance to take a few
pics. Unfortunately, the butterfly warden (the wife) ordered a recount
and I lost. I wasn't allowed to cool the insect and all the pics I
took of this elusive insect were at room temp in a container. I
apologize for the light reflections but I couldn't help it. As soon as
I opened the container she hit Mach 2 speeds and was gone.
Equipment: Maxxum 800si, Minolta 100 mm Macro f2.8, tripod, polarizer,
lots of Elite chrome EC iso 100 and even more patience.

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skipper butterfly
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