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oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus), pilot fish (Naucrates ductor)
Subject: oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus), pilot fish (Naucrates ductor)
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oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus), pilot fish (Naucrates ductor)

Carcharhinus longimanus, ca. 2.50m lang, Tiefe ca. 2-3m, mit Pilotbarschen (Naucrates ductor). Fotografiert am 09.06.2002 am Elphinstoneriff / Rotes Meer / Ägypten Das Fotos wurde von mir selbst erstellt und ist im Originalzustand (also nicht bearbeitet) Weitere Fotos unter

The oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus), also known as Brown Milbert's sand bar shark, brown shark, nigano shark, oceanic white-tipped whaler, and silvertip shark, is a large pelagic requiem shark inhabiting tropical and warm temperate seas. Its stocky body is most notable for its long, white-tipped, rounded fins.

The pilot fish (Naucrates ductor) is a carnivorous fish of the trevally, or jackfish family, Carangidae. It is widely distributed and lives in warm or tropical open seas. The pilot fish congregates around sharks, rays, and sea turtles, where it eats ectoparasites on, and leftovers around the host species; younger pilot fish are usually associated with jellyfish and drifting seaweeds.

Scientific Name: Naucrates ductor (Linnaeus, 1758)
Common Names:
English – Pilotfish, Pilot-fish, Pilot Fish, Sucker, Pilot
French – Poisson Pilote, Pilote, Poisson Pilote
Spanish – Pez Piloto, Pez Simón, Pilotfish, Piloto, Romero
Gasterosteus antecessor Daldorff, 1793
Gasterosteus ductor Linnaeus, 1758
Nauclerus abreviatus Valenciennes 1833
Nauclerus annularis Valenciennes, 1833
Nauclerus brachycentrus Valenciennes 1833
Nauclerus compressus Valenciennes 1833
Nauclerus leucurus Valenciennes, 1833
Nauclerus triacanthus Valenciennes 1833
Naucrates angeli Whitley 1931
Naucrates cyanophrys Swainson 1839
Naucrates fanfarus Rafinesque 1810
Naucrates indicus Lesson, 1831
Naucrates indicus Griffith & Smith, 1834
Naucrates noveboracensis Cuvier, 1832
Naucrates polysarcus Fowler 1905
Naucrates serratus Swainson, 1839
Scomber caeruleoalbus Osbeck, 1765
Scomber koelreuteri Schneider,1801
Seriola dussumieri Valenciennes, 1833
Seriola succincta Valenciennes, 1833
Thynnus pompilus Gronow, 1854
Scientific Name: Carcharhinus longimanus (Poey, 1861)
Common Names: Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Whitetip Shark, White-tipped Shark, Whitetip Oceanic Shark; [French] Requin Océanique; [Spanish] Tiburón Oceanico, Tiburón Oceánico, Galano
Carcharhinus maou (Lesson, 1831)
Carcharias insularum Snyder, 1904
Carcharias longimanus Poey, 1861
Carcharias obtusus Garman, 1881
Pterolamiops budkeri Fourmanoir, 1961
Pterolamiops longimanus Poey, 1861
Pterolamiops magnipinnis Smith, 1958
Squalus longimanus Poey, 1861
Squalus maou Lesson, 1831

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