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Re: pics of sea animals - Orca
Subject: Re: pics of sea animals - Orca
Poster: Brian Scott (
SeaWorld01050-Taku the Orca-by Brian Scott.jpg
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Re: pics of sea animals - Orca

Mrclubtail wrote:

> killer whales, seals, sea otters, sea lions. any of
> these would be appreciated.
> My son is really into this right now

This is Taku, at Sea World California.
I have some others at


Date: Sat Jul 24 28:59:30 KST 1999
File To Comment: animal5/SeaWorld01050-Taku_the_Orca.jpg

I misidentified the name of this Orca. This is Keto,
not Taku. (who is in Florida)

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