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[National Geographic Wallpaper] Bearded Seal (콧수염물범)
Subject: [National Geographic Wallpaper] Bearded Seal (콧수염물범)
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[National Geographic Wallpaper] Bearded Seal (콧수염물범)

Arctic Ocean
Flip Nicklin

“Bundled against springtime temperatures that can dip past minus 20°F (-29°C), I observe bearded seals from a small boat. Finding them is often the toughest job of the day. Though they live throughout the high north, the seals are sparsely spread and are highly mobile. Luckily they are inquisitive, even tame around us. Yet they remain wary, resting near the edge of ice floes so they can quickly escape from polar bears.”

???From “Bearded Seals: Going With the Floe,” March 1997, National Geographic magazine

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