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Laticauda colubrina (banded sea krait)
Subject: Laticauda colubrina (banded sea krait)
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Banded Sea Krait (Laticauda colubrina) (14641328165).jpg
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Laticauda colubrina (banded sea krait)

Description Pulau Kalampunian Damit, Pulau Tiga NP, Sabah, MALAYSIA. Scanned slide from 2001
Date 1 November 2001, 00:00
Source Banded Sea Krait (Laticauda colubrina)
Author Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE

Laticauda colubrina, commonly known as the banded sea krait, colubrine sea krait, or yellow-lipped sea krait, is a species of venomous sea snake found in tropical Indo-Pacific oceanic waters. The snake has distinctive black stripes and a yellow snout, with a paddle-like tail for use in swimming. The banded sea kraits are widespread throughout the eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. Order: Squamata, Suborder: Serpentes, Family: Elapidae, Subfamily: Laticaudinae, Genus: Laticauda, Species: Laticauda colubrina (Schneider, 1799).
Hydrus colubrinus Schneider, 1799
Platurus colubrinus — Wagler, 1830
Hydrophis colubrinus — Schlegel, 1837
Laticauda colubrina — Stejneger, 1907

Scientific Name: Laticauda colubrina (Schneider, 1799)
Common Names: Banded Sea Krait, Columbrine Sea Krait, Yellow-lipped Sea Krait
Synonyms: Hydrus colubrinus Schneider, 1799

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