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Scarlet-chested parrot (Neophema splendida)
Subject: Scarlet-chested parrot (Neophema splendida)
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Parrots in captivity (Vol. 1. PL. 19) Splendid Parrakeet (BHL41557237) - scarlet-chested parrot (Neophema splendida).jpg
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Scarlet-chested parrot (Neophema splendida)

Splendid Parrakeet = scarlet-chested parrot (Neophema splendida)
Date 1884
Source Parrots in captivity. Vol. 1 /
Author Frederick George Dutton; William Thomas Greene

The scarlet-chested parrot (Neophema splendida), known alternately as scarlet-breasted parrot, orange-throated parrot or splendid parrot, is a parrot endemic to central South Australia and inland southern Western Australia. The species is sexually dimorphic; the male has a bright blue face and scarlet chest and yellow underparts, amid overall green plumage, while the female is similar but lacks the red chest. These nomadic parakeets move readily from the Great Victoria Desert region into neighbouring areas. These interruptions are triggered by a search for more favourable conditions. They can survive quite well without access to drinking water, however, as succulent plants help meet much of their fluid requirement. These parrots feed mainly on grass seeds and are most commonly sighted in spinifex.

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Genus: Neophema
Species: Neophema splendida (Gould, 1841)

scarlet-breasted parrot
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