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Dumbo Octopus (Family: Opisthoteuthidae, Genus: Grimpoteuthis) - Wiki
Subject: Dumbo Octopus (Family: Opisthoteuthidae, Genus: Grimpoteuthis) - Wiki
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Dumbo Octopus (Family: Opisthoteuthidae, Genus: Grimpoteuthis) - Wiki

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[Photo] Dumbo octopus on its own - NASA

The octopuses of the genus Grimpoteuthis are also known as "Dumbo octopuses" from the ear-like fins protruding from the top of their "heads" (actually bodies), resembling the ears of Walt Disney's flying elephant. They are benthic creatures, living at extreme depths, and are some of the rarest of the Octopoda species.

Red Jellyhead, Grimpoteuthis abyssicola
Grimpoteuthis bathynectes
Grimpoteuthis boylei
Grimpoteuthis challengeri
Grimpoteuthis discoveryi
Grimpoteuthis hippocrepium
Small Jellyhead, Grimpoteuthis innominata
Grimpoteuthis meangensis
Grimpoteuthis megaptera
Grimpoteuthis pacifica
Grimpoteuthis plena
Grimpoteuthis tuftsi
Grimpoteuthis umbellata
Grimpoteuthis wuelkeri - possibly same as G. umbellata or G. plena

Several species formerly placed in this genus were moved to other opisthoteuthid genera (see Collins 2003).
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red octopus
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