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Common garden spider -- index file -- spideridx.jpg
Subject: Common garden spider -- index file -- spideridx.jpg
Poster: "Mark Cassino" (
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Common garden spider -- index file -- spideridx.jpg

A common garden spider who set up house in an impatien
Mark Cassino
Kalamazoo, MI

"Thunder is impressive, thunder is loud,
but it's the Lightning that does the work!"
-- Mark Twain

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Er... listen, it's not *exactly* a misidentification,
but 'common garden spider' has got to be the most misused
and unspecific name in arachnology. It's applied to ANY
old thing. In my area alone, aranaeid orb weavers,
culoborid sack spiders, and argaenid funnelweb weavers are
all called 'common garden spider's, and there IS no official
use of the name. The spider in question is the latter, a
member of the family argaenidae, the funnelweb weavers. Not
the same as the funnelweb mygolomorphs you already have
under 'funnelweb spider'. Oh, and as for your 'redback'
spiders, one of 'em's a tarantula, and the other a black

Common house spider, sometimes called the American house spider, is an extremely common spider in North America and South America, as its name suggests. There are several species of this genus, Achaearanea, sharing many common features. They build their tangled web in secluded locations, which can also house eggs contained in one or more spherical sacs. Their behavior on webs is quiet and efficient. They are generally dull in appearance, with patterns consisting of brown shades for coloration. Their average body size is a quarter-inch long. These traits combined allow the spiders to blend into the background and escape notice.

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