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Pampas Fox (Pseudalopex gymnocercus) - Wiki
Subject: Pampas Fox (Pseudalopex gymnocercus) - Wiki
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Pampas Fox (Pseudalopex gymnocercus) - Wiki

Pampas Fox
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Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae

[Photo] Pampas Fox (Pseudalopex gymnocercus), El Loa, Antofagasta, Bolivia. Source: Flickr ( Date: Taken on May 3, 2007. Author: Marc Shandro (

Pampas Fox (Pseudalopex gymnocercus), also known as Azara's fox, is a medium sized zorro (false fox) native to South America.

The pampas fox resembles the red fox, but is smaller and gray in color. It has short, dense fur that is gray on the back and underparts. The head and neck are reddish, and the ears are triangular, broad and relatively large; they are reddish on the outer surface and white on the inner surface. Pampas foxes weigh 9 to 12 pounds.

P. g. antiquus
P. g. gymnocerus
P. g. lordi

Distribution and habitat
Pampas fox can be found in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. They prefer grasslands, forest and valleys.

Pampas foxes mostly live a solitary life, but come together in breeding season and care for their young. They are most active at dusk and night. They are known to collect parts of clothing and take it back to their den. If a threatening or larger animal comes near them they are known to play dead with their eyes closed and will stay there until the animal leaves.

Pampas foxes eat plants, rats, fruits, rabbits, frogs, lizards and birds and sometimes lambs.
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Scientific Name: Lycalopex gymnocercus G. Fischer, 1814
Common Names: Pampas Fox, Azara's Zorro, Azara's Fox; [Spanish] Zorro de Azara, Zorro de Campo, Zorro del País, Zorro de Patas Amarillas, Zorro Pampa, Zorro Pampeano; [French] Renard d'Azara
Pseudalopex gymnocercus (G. Fischer, 1814)
Pseudalopex griseus (Gray, 1837)
Lycalopex griseus (Gray, 1837)
Procyon gymnocercus Fischer, 1814

pseudalopex griseus
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