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Grey Zorro (Pseudalopex griseus) - Wiki
Subject: Grey Zorro (Pseudalopex griseus) - Wiki
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Grey Zorro (Pseudalopex griseus) - Wiki

Pseudalopex griseus
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[Photo] Argentine Grey Fox. Zorro colorado (Pseudalopex griseus). Date 2006. Tomada en el zool??gico de Corrientes, Argentina. Author ?? 2006 Carla Antonini

The Chilla, Grey Zorro or South American Grey Fox (Pseudalopex griseus), also known as the Patagonian Fox, is a species of zorro (false foxes).

Range and Habitat
The South American grey fox is found in the Southern Cone of South America, particularly in Argentina and Chile. Its range comprises a stripe, both sides of the Andes Mountain Range between parallels 17ºS (northernmost Chile) and 54ºS (Tierra del Fuego). In Argentina, this species inhabits the western semiarid region of the country, from the Andean spurs (ca. 69ºW) to meridian 66ºW. South from the R??o Grande river, the distribution of the grey fox widens reaching the Atlantic coast. In Chile "chillas" are present throughout the country. Their presence in Peru has been mentioned. To date, however, there has been no confirmation of it. The Patagonian Fox was introduced to the Falkland Islands in the late 1920's early 1930's and are still present in quite large numbers on Beaver and Weddell Islands plus several smaller islands. The South American grey fox occurs in a variety of habitats, from the warm, arid srcublands of the Argentinean Monte and the cold, arid Patagonian steppe to the forest of southernmost Chile.

Physical Appearance
The Grey Zorro is a small South American canid, weighing 2.5???4 kg (5???9 pounds), and measuring 43???70 cm (17???27 inches) in length.

Its diet consists mainly of rodents, birds, and rabbits.

Reproduction and Life Cycle
They breed in late austral fall, around March. After a gestation period of 2 months, 2-4 kits are born in a den. Not much else is recorded about their lifestyle.
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pseudalopex griseus
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