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Coati (Nasua sp.) - Wiki
Subject: Coati (Nasua sp.) - Wiki
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Coati (Nasua sp.) - Wiki

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[Photo] White-nosed Coati Nasua narica. Copyright Liz Roy. Taken while in Costa Rica, Jan-Feb 2005. Released under the GFDL with author's permission.

The name coati (pronounced [ko????ːti]) is applied to any of three species of small neotropical mammals in the genus Nasua, family Procyonidae, ranging from southern Arizona to north of Argentina. They are largely insectivorous, but also eat fruit. A fourth animal, the dwarf Mountain Coati, is not a true coati, and belongs to the genus Nasuella.

Distinctive features of all species of coati include a long, ringed tail, which is often held erect.

Unlike most members of the raccoon family, coatis are primarily diurnal.

-Ring-tailed coati, Nasua nasua
-White-nosed Coati, Pizote or Antoon, Nasua narica
- Cozumel Island Coati, Nasua nelsoni
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