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Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus)
Subject: Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus)
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Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus)

The Javan warty pig is an endangered species of wild pig. This pig's colouration varies from reddish-yellow to black with yellowish under parts and a long-haired mane covering the nape of the neck, thinning along the spine and rump. Its slender legs are elongated, as is its flat-backed body, while its tail is long and simply tufted. The head is large and elongated with large ears. There are three pairs of warts on the face. These warts have large variations in size between individuals, though not a profound in females.

Warty pigs are 3 to 6 feet in length and stand 2 to 3 feet in shoulder height. The weight of these pigs is between 77-330 pounds.

Javan warty pigs are found in secondary forests on the Indonesian islands of Java and Bawean.

Wild pigs live in small groups made up of a sow and her current young, while adult males usually live solitary lives. Javan pigs are herbivores and eat vegetation, including human-grown crops. Its major predators are dholes, leopards and humans. When threatened, the Javan warty pig raises its long hairs, which form a mane on its back, increasing its apparent size. The tail is carried in an erect curve while fleeing. The alarm call is a shrill whistle.

Most wild pig births occur in the rainy season from January to March, in a large nest made by the female out of leaf litter. Females’ gestation period lasts about 4 months and litters consist of 3 to 9 piglets.

The Javan warty pig is classified as endangered by the IUCN (1996), threatened primarily by hunting, both for the perception of it as a pest and its meat. Due to the fragmented nature of its habitat (from human civilizations and agricultural areas), it is feared that wild populations of the Javan warty pig may suffer from inbreeding or crossbreeding with the sympatric wild boar. Only a few captive breeding colonies are known, all in zoos on eastern Java.

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