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More from Kruezen Animal Park - Pot-bellied Piglets
Subject: More from Kruezen Animal Park - Pot-bellied Piglets
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More from Kruezen Animal Park - Pot-bellied Piglets

"The other 12 of us are camera shy."

The pot-bellied pig is a breed of domesticated pig originating in Vietnam with fourteen sub-species. Considerably smaller than standard American or European farm pigs, most adult pot-bellied pigs are about the size of a medium- or large-breed dog, though their bodies are denser at a weight of 60 to 300 lb (27 to 136 kg). Pot-bellied pigs can be easily discerned from other pig breeds by their size, upright ears and straight tail. The photos on this page show two larger pigs that are not in proper weight. Pigs with fat rolls over their eyes or a belly that touches the ground are easy visual indicators that the pig is overweight. Although they have a pot belly and a swayed back, it is not indicative of weight. Pigs in proper weight still have the sway and belly, but the hip bones can easily be felt with minimal pressure and the eyes (whole socket) should be easily visible.

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