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멧노랑나비 Gonepteryx rhamni (Common Brimstone Butterfly)
Subject: 멧노랑나비 Gonepteryx rhamni (Common Brimstone Butterfly)
Poster: Jinsuk Kim (
Resolution: 1600x1200 File Size: 428526 Bytes Date: 2004:11:28 15:11:14 Camera: MAVICA (SONY) F number: f/2.8 Exposure: 1/30 sec Focal Length: 82/10 Upload Date: 2004:11:28 21:50:06

멧노랑나비 Gonepteryx rhamni (Common Brimstone Butterfly)

멧노랑나비 Gonepteryx rhamni amurensis
흰나비과에 딸린 곤충. 편 날개의 길이 50~70mm쯤이며, 수컷은 온몸이 짙은 노랑, 암컷은 청백색이다. 앞뒤 날개의 중앙에 등황색의 점무늬가 있으며 날개 가장자리에 갈색 무늬가 있다. 우리나라, 일본, 만주, 중국 등지에 분포한다.

출처: 동물형태도감 (계몽사, 1993년)

Gonepteryx rhamni, the common brimstone, is a butterfly of the family Pieridae. It lives throughout the Palearctic zone and is commonly found across Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The common brimstone can be commonly found throughout the Palearctic. Individuals have been seen from western Europe to east Asia. While the geographic distribution of the adult is larger than that of its host plant, its range is nevertheless limited by the presence of host plants due to the needs of its larval stage. Order: Lepidoptera > Family: Pieridae > Genus: Gonepteryx > Species: Gonepteryx rhamni

멧노랑나비 Gonepteryx rhamni amurensis (Brimstone Butterfly) / 흰나비과

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