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Black-billed Magpie
Subject: Black-billed Magpie
Poster: Jinsuk Kim (
Resolution: 1600x1200 File Size: 235613 Bytes Date: 2004:05:13 15:20:31 Camera: MAVICA (SONY) F number: f/2.8 Exposure: 1/305 sec Focal Length: 600/10 cm Upload Date: 2004:05:14 17:47:41

Black-billed Magpie

Black-billed Magpie (Pica pica sericea GOULD / Corvidae). Kapchon Stream, Daejeon, Korea

까치, 까마귀과(Corvidae). 대전 유성구 갑천

Korean Magpie Pica pica sericea is currently considered a subspecies of the European Magpie found in East Asia. It is a common symbol of the Korean identity, and has been adopted as the "official bird" of numerous South Korean cities, counties and provinces. Compared to the European Magpie, it has a markedly shorter tail and a longer wing in relation to each other, and the back and tail show strong purple and hardly any green iridescence.

pica sericea
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