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Paroaria: the red-headed cardinals, cardinal-tanagers
Subject: Paroaria: the red-headed cardinals, cardinal-tanagers
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Paroaria: the red-headed cardinals, cardinal-tanagers

1. (upper left) Paroaria cucullata (Lath.) = Paroaria coronata (Miller, 1776)
2. (upper right) Paroaria dominicana [sic] (L.) = Paroaria dominicana (Linnaeus, 1758)
3. (left center) Paroaria nigrigenis [sic] (Lafr.) = Paroaria (gularis) nigrogenis (Lafresnaye, 1846)
4. (right center) Paroaria gularis (L.) = Paroaria gularis gularis (Linnaeus, 1766)
5. (lower left) Paroaria capitata (D'Orb. & Lafr.) = Paroaria capitata (D'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837)
6. (lower right) Paroaria cervicalis Scl. = Paroaria gularis cervicalis Sclater, 1862
English: Red-crested Cardinal (upper left) - Red-cowled Cardinal (upper right) - Masked Cardinal (left center) - Red-capped Cardinal (right center) - Yellow-billed Cardinal (lower left) - Southern Red-capped Cardinal (lower right)
Date 1888
Source Catalogue of the birds in the British Museum (Vol. 12 Plate XVI)
William Matthew Hart (1830–1908)
Philip Sclater (1829–1913)
William Matthew Hart (artist), Philip Lutley Sclater (text)

Paroaria, the red-headed cardinals or cardinal-tanagers (as they are not close to the Cardinalidae), are a genus of tanagers. They were until recently placed in the family Emberizidae.

Red-crested cardinal, Paroaria coronata
Red-cowled cardinal, Paroaria dominicana
Red-capped cardinal, Paroaria gularis
Masked cardinal, Paroaria nigrogenis
Crimson-fronted cardinal, Paroaria baeri
Yellow-billed cardinal, Paroaria capitata

philip sclater
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