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Newborn Brown Head Parrot
Subject: Newborn Brown Head Parrot
Poster: Lara (
bh514n2-African Brown-headed Parrot-newborn-by Lara deVries.jpg
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Newborn Brown Head Parrot

African brown headed parrot
(Poicephalus cryptoxanthus), at 1 day old.
Personal use only, thanks!

Lara & "The Flock"
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Brown-headed Parrot - Poicephalus cryptoxanthus
he is sooooooooooooo cute!!!! :)
Laverne Lovell
I need help please. I have a newborn, very tiny baby parrot, less than an inch long, and i dont know how to feed or take care of it. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, please. Do they eat when they are so tiny? At present I'm keeping him warm. What else can I do?
Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus Linnaeus, 1758
Common Names: Grey Parrot, African Grey Parrot, Congo African Grey Parrot
French: Perroquet jaco; German: Graupapagei; Spanish: Loro yaco
Taxonomy: Psittacus erithacus Linnaeus, 1758, Ghana.

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