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knobbed argonaut (Argonauta nodosa)
Subject: knobbed argonaut (Argonauta nodosa)
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Argonauta nodosa lithograph.jpg
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knobbed argonaut (Argonauta nodosa)

Argonauta nodosa lithograph
Original caption: Plates 61-62. The Tuberculated Argonaut, or Paper-Nautilus, Argonauta oryzata
Artist: Arthur Bartholomew (1870s)

Argonauta nodosa, also known as the knobby or knobbed argonaut, is a species of pelagic octopus. The female of the species, like all argonauts, creates a paper-thin eggcase that coils around the octopus much like the way a nautilus lives in its shell (hence the name paper nautilus).

paper nautilus
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