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short-eared owl (Asio flammeus)
Subject: short-eared owl (Asio flammeus)
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Short-Eared Owl on Seedskadee NWR (23156055129) - short-eared owl (Asio flammeus).jpg
Resolution: 3306x2379 File Size: 4965545 Bytes Date: 2015:12:03 19:08:43 Camera: NIKON D300 (NIKON CORPORATION) F number: f/6.3 Exposure: 10/150 sec Focal Length: 5000/10 Upload Date: 2017:03:30 09:42:42

short-eared owl (Asio flammeus)

A short-eared owl perched on a Wyoming big sagebrush. Photo: Tom Koerner/USFWS
Date 3 December 2015, 19:08
Source Short-Eared Owl on Seedskadee NWR
Author USFWS Mountain-Prairie

The short-eared owl (Asio flammeus) is a species of typical owl (family Strigidae). Owls belonging to genus Asio are known as the eared owls, as they have tufts of feathers resembling mammalian ears. These "ear" tufts may or may not be visible. Asio flammeus will display its tufts when in a defensive pose, although its very short tufts are usually not visible. The short-eared owl is found in open country and grasslands. The scientific name is from Latin. The genus name Asio is a type of eared owl, and flammeus means "flame-coloured". The short-eared owl occurs on all continents except Antarctica and Australia; thus it has one of the most widespread distributions of any bird.
Order: Strigiformes
Family: Strigidae
Subfamily: Asioninae
Genus: Asio
Asio flammeus (Pontoppidan, 1763)
Synonyms: Asio accipitrinus

Scientific Name: Asio flammeus (Pontoppidan, 1763)
Common Names: Short-eared Owl
French: Hibou des marais; German: Sumpfohreule; Spanish: Búho campestre, Búho cuerno corto
Taxonomy: Strix Flammea Pontoppidan, 1763, Denmark.

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