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oriental bay owl (Phodilus badius)
Subject: oriental bay owl (Phodilus badius)
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Sarawak; a captive owl (Photodilus badius). Photograph. Wellcome V0037480.jpg
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oriental bay owl (Phodilus badius)

Title Sarawak: a captive owl (Photodilus badius). Photograph.
Sarawak: a captive owl (Photodilus badius). Photograph.
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Keywords: Anthropology; Malaysia; Charles Hose; Ethnography; Borneo

The oriental bay owl (Phodilus badius) is a type of bay owl, usually classified with barn owls. It is completely nocturnal, and can be found throughout Southeast Asia. It has a heart-shaped face with earlike extensions.

Scientific Name: Phodilus badius (Horsfield, 1821)
Common Names: Oriental Bay Owl, Bay Owl
French: Phodile calong German: Maskeneule Spanish: Lechuza cornuda oriental
Taxonomy: Strix badia Horsfield, 1821, Java.

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