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Yuri, the Great Grey Owl
Subject: Yuri, the Great Grey Owl
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Yuri, the Great Grey Owl

BBC - Cornwall - Attractions - Nursing owls back to health

Gizmo, an Indian Scops Owl relaxes in the sunshine
are often described as nocturnal birds of prey, and can be found
on every continent in the world except Antarctica, and they have
been developing for approximately 100 million years.
many owl species throughout the world have adapted to living in
a variety of habitats such as forests, deserts, grasslands, mountains
and even towns or cities.

the Great Grey Owl is a visitor to the sanctuary
not all the species can adapt to the changes we are making to the
environment and many are declining in numbers.
owls have forward facing fixed eyes, and they use head movements
in order to see and focus on objects.

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