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noble chafer (Gnorimus nobilis)
Subject: noble chafer (Gnorimus nobilis)
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noble chafer (Gnorimus nobilis)

English: Gnorimus nobilis from Southern France, southeast of Millau, at 2011-06-26
Date 26 June 2011
Source Own work
Author Siga

The noble chafer (Gnorimus nobilis) is a green beetle with a metallic sheen. It spends most of its life as a grub, living in the rotting wood of aging fruit trees. It reaches adulthood in its second summer, and comes out to breed and feed on flowers such as common hogweed, before dying in the early autumn. The adult tends to be found high up in the trees, in old pruned wood or woodpecker holes. Order: Coleoptera, Family: Scarabaeidae, Subfamily: Cetoniinae.

noble chafer
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