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hairy-fronted muntjac, black muntjac (Muntiacus crinifrons)
Subject: hairy-fronted muntjac, black muntjac (Muntiacus crinifrons)
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2011 Muntjak-2 - hairy-fronted muntjac, black muntjac (Muntiacus crinifrons).jpg
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hairy-fronted muntjac, black muntjac (Muntiacus crinifrons)

English: Black Muntjac (Muntiacus crinifrons) in Shanghai Zoo
Date 30 December 2011
Source Own work
Author J. Patrick Fischer

The hairy-fronted muntjac or black muntjac (Muntiacus crinifrons) is a type of deer currently found in Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and Fujian in southeastern China. It is considered to be endangered, possibly down to as few as 5–10,000 individuals spread over a wide area. Reports of hairy-fronted muntjacs from Burma result from considering the hairy-fronted muntjac and Gongshan muntjac as the same species. This suggestion is controversial. It is similar in size to the common muntjac. Order: Artiodactyla, Family: Cervidae, Subfamily: Cervinae.

muntiacus crinifrons
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