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Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)
Subject: Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)
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Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)

A unique species, the proboscis monkey is unlike any other primate with its extraordinarily large nose. The function of the nose is not known, but it is particularly pronounced in adult males. The fur colour is predominantly light grey to pale orange, and adult males appear to wear a dark brown 'waistcoat'. Both males and females have a reddish brown crown and white chin.

Their preferred habitats are riverine forest and mangrove. During the early morning or late afternoon they are active in trees lining the water's edge, usually with a large male carefully watching over the group.

Endemic to Borneo, the proboscis monkey inhabits coastal forests in many areas and can easily be seen in Brunei Bay, and the Kinabatangan River Sanctuary, Sabah, Borneo.

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