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crocodile monitor, Salvadori's monitor (Varanus salvadorii)
Subject: crocodile monitor, Salvadori's monitor (Varanus salvadorii)
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Amneville Varanus salvadorii 27082010 4 - crocodile monitor, Salvadori's monitor (Varanus salvadorii).jpg
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crocodile monitor, Salvadori's monitor (Varanus salvadorii)

Français : Varan géant de Papouasie (Varanus salvadorii), zoo d'Amnéville.
Date 27 August 2010
Author Vassil

Varanus salvadorii is a species of monitor lizard, which is endemic to New Guinea. It is also known by the common names crocodile monitor, Papuan monitor, Salvadori's monitor and artellia. The largest monitor lizard in New Guinea, it is believed to be one of the longest lizards in the world, verified at up to 244 cm, and in rare cases it may rival or exceed the length of the world's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. Order: Squamata, Suborder: Lacertilia, Family: Varanidae.
Monitor salvadorii W. Peters & Doria, 1878
Varanus salvadorii — Boulenger, 1885
Varanus (Papusaurus) salvadorii — Mertens, 1962

Scientific Name: Varanus salvadorii (Peters & Doria, 1878)
Common Names: Crocodile Monitor, Salvadori's Monitor, Papuan Monitor
Monitor salvadorii Peters & Doria, 1878
Varanus salvadori
Varanus (Papusaurus) salvadorii - MERTENS 1962

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