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mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx)
Subject: mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx)
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Mandrillus sphinx - 1788-1863 - Print - Iconographia Zoologica - Special Collections University of Amsterdam - UBA01 IZA1000532.jpg
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mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx)

Mandrillus sphinx
Date 1788-1863
Artist Theodoor Gerard van Lidth de Jeude (1788–1863)
Source/Photographer Lidth de Jeude Mandrill, Mus.v.Klinkenberg
Old Latin name Mandrillus sphinx
New Latin name Mandrillus sphinx
Common name Nederlands: Mandril

The mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) is a primate of the Old World monkey family. Mandrills are found in southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo. Mandrills mostly live in tropical rainforests. They live in very large groups.

mandrillus sphinx
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