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Bobcat (Lynx rufus) <!--밥캣, 붉은스라소니--> kit
Subject: Bobcat (Lynx rufus) kit
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Bobcat (Lynx rufus) kit

To be uploaded in the next few days:

WC-Young: Wild cats' kittens and cubs.

All of these images are from the book "Wild Cats" by Caroline Brett.
1992, Dorset Press. ISBN 0-88029-924-X

WC-Young.bobcats.jpg: Bobcat kits sleeping in a hollow log. 1024x768
WC-Young.cheetah1.jpg: Cheetah and cub on a rock. 1050x1024
WC-Young.cheetah2.jpg: Cheetah and three cubs walking through the grass.
WC-Young.clouded-leopard.jpg: Cub on a forest floor. 860x1024 Cub balancing on a rock. 1024x670
WC-Young.leopards.jpg: Leopard and two cubs in a shadowy den. 1024x768
WC-Young.lions1.jpg: Lioness carrying cub in her mouth. 715x1024
WC-Young.lions2.jpg: Cub grabbing its father's food, eliciting an irritated
roar. 1152x900
WC-Young.lions3.jpg: Cub cuddled under its mother's chin. 1152x900
WC-Young.lynxes.jpg: Kits on a forest floor. 1024x768
WC-Young.margay.jpg: Close-up facial shot of a margay kit. 965x1024
WC-Young.pumas.jpg: Cub nursing. 1152x900
WC-Young.snow-leopard1.jpg: Two cubs on their backs. 1152x745
WC-Young.snow-leopard2.jpg: Young snow leopard looking bored. 800x564



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