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white-headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis)
Subject: white-headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis)
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white-headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis)

White-headed Vulture, Trigonoceps occipitalis, offset reproduction of watercolor
Date 1930
Source Album of Abyssinian Birds and Mammals from Paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes (Chicago: Field Museum of Nautral History)
Author Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874–1927)

The white-headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis) is an Old World vulture endemic to Africa. Populations have been declining steeply in recent years due to habitat degradation and poisoning of vultures at carcasses. Order: Accipitriformes, Family: Accipitridae, Genus: Trigonoceps, Species: Trigonoceps occipitalis (Burchell, 1824).

Scientific Name: Trigonoceps occipitalis (Burchell, 1824)
Common Names:
English – White-headed Vulture
French – Vautour à tête blanche
French: Vautour à tête blanche German: Wollkopfgeier Spanish: Buitre cabeciblanco
Taxonomy: Vultur occipitalis Burchell, 1824, Matlowing River, Botswana.

louis agassiz fuertes
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