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Pacific White-sided Dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) <!--돌고래-->
Subject: Pacific White-sided Dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens)
Poster: Phoby (
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Pacific White-sided Dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens)

Pacific white-sided dolphin leaping. Lagenorhynchus obliquidens.

Image ID: anim0802, NOAA's Ark (Animals) Collection
Credit: Captain Budd Christman, NOAA Corps

The NOAA Photo Library
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA)

Lagenorhynchus obliquidens
Common Names:
English – Pacific White-sided Dolphin
French – Lagénorhynque À Flanc Blanc Du Pacifique
Spanish – Delfín Lagenor Ringo
Synonyms: Lagenorhynchus ognevi Sleptsov, 1955.
Taxonomic Notes: The genus Lagenorhynchus is likely an artificial genus (LeDuc et al. 1999), and this species may eventually be included in the genus Sagmatias.

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