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Gould's monitor, sand goanna (Varanus gouldii)
Subject: Gould's monitor, sand goanna (Varanus gouldii)
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The zoology of the voyage of the H.M.S. Erebus and Terror (10327828434) - Gould's monitor, sand goanna (Varanus gouldii).jpg
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Gould's monitor, sand goanna (Varanus gouldii)

The zoology of the voyage of the H.M.S. Erebus & Terror, under the command of Captain Sir James Clark Ross, during the years 1839 to 1843. By authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Edited by John Richardson and John Edward Gray.
Date 1844-1875.
Author Erebus (Ship).; Gray, John Edward; Richardson, John; Ross, James Clark; Terror (Ship).

The sand goanna (Varanus gouldii ) is a species of large Australian monitor lizard, also known as Gould's monitor, the sand monitor, or racehorse goanna. In some Aboriginal languages, the sand goanna is called bungarra, a term commonly used by nonaboriginal people in Western Australia, too. The name "sand monitor" can be used to describe various other species. The specific name, gouldii, is a Latinized form of the name of the scientist who first described this species, English ornithologist John Gould. Order: Squamata, Suborder: Lacertilia, Family: Varanidae, Genus: Varanus, Species: Varanus gouldii (Gray, 1838).

Scientific Name: Varanus gouldii (Gray, 1838)
Common Names: Gould's Monitor, Sand Goanna, Gould's Goanna, Sand Monitor, Racehorse Goanna

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