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March birds --> Black-capped Chickadee
Subject: March birds --> Black-capped Chickadee
Poster: Mark Cassino (
CassinoPhoto-MarchBird01-Black-capped Chickadee-perching on branch.jpg
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March birds --> Black-capped Chickadee

To: Kim Jinsuk

Here's some birds from march --

bc01 -- chickadee
bc02 - bc07 -- bluejays
bc08 -- gold finches
bc09 - bc10 -- house finch
bc11 - bc13 -- nuthatch
bc14-15 -- house sparrows
bc16 - bc17 -- cardinals (male, female)
bc18 -- mourning dove
bc19, 20, & 22 -- common grackle
bc21 -- pigeon (a.k.a. rock dove)

You can tell that I hadn't found ACDSee yet -- file sizes are much
larger in there earlier updates.

Mark Cassino
Kalamazoo, MI

Mark Cassino kindly sent these images to me.

His website has more bird and insect images mostly
taken at his backyard.


The black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus) is a small, nonmigratory, North American songbird that lives in deciduous and mixed forests. Parus atricapillus is a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae.

cute and fluffy

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