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Large Tree Nymph Butterfly (Idea leuconoe) <!--왕얼룩나비(동남아시아)-->
Subject: Large Tree Nymph Butterfly (Idea leuconoe)
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Large Tree Nymph Butterfly (Idea leuconoe)

Subject: Some Butterflies for Easter (48x,vfd,csv) - zfox_butterfly_misc_09.jpg(1/1) 166738 bytes
Date: 22 Apr 2000 10:04:07 -0500

Idea leuconoe, also known as the paper kite butterfly, rice paper butterfly, large tree nymph,or in Australia the white nymph butterfly, is a butterfly known especially for its presence in butterfly houses and live butterfly expositions. It has a wingspan of 12 to 14 cm. The paper kite is of Southeast Asian origin, but can also be found in Northern Australia and Southern Taiwan. The paper kite butterfly's forewings and hindwings are translucent silvery white with black spots, similar to the Idea lynceus.

idea lynceus
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