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Hog deer (Axis porcinus)
Subject: Hog deer (Axis porcinus)
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Hog deer (Axis porcinus)

Once widespread and relatively abundant, the hog deer has suffered dramatic declines, and now survives in relict populations, scattered across South and Southeast Asia. A medium-sized deer, the hog deer has a yellowish-brown pelage, with darker underparts fading into light tufts of fur around the legs. Young deer have a lightly spotted coat, but over time the spotting fades away and the coat becomes uniform in colour. The hog deer is similar in appearance to other species of the genus Axis, but distinguished by a short face, with a steep profile, and a low, heavy build. Whilst running through vegetation, the hog deer holds its head low, creeping under bushes in the manner of a hog, a behaviour leading to its common name.

hog deer
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