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Indian hog deer (Hyelaphus porcinus)
Subject: Indian hog deer (Hyelaphus porcinus)
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Hog deer in Terai grassland - Indian hog deer (Hyelaphus porcinus).JPG
Resolution: 2287x1715 File Size: 4063358 Bytes Date: 2007:12:07 07:19:43 Camera: DMC-FZ5 (Panasonic) F number: f/4.0 Exposure: 10/6400 sec Focal Length: 720/10 Upload Date: 2017:06:27 16:26:09

Indian hog deer (Hyelaphus porcinus)

Hog deer in tall grasslands of the Terai, Kaziranga, Assam
Date 7 December 2007, 07:19:43
Author T. R. Shankar Raman

The Indian hog deer (Hyelaphus porcinus prev. Axis porcinus) is a small deer whose habitat ranges from Pakistan, through northern India, to mainland southeast Asia, which inhabits much of the Indo-Gangetic Plains of Pakistan, northern India, Nepal, Bangladesh, southwestern Yunnan Province in China, all the way to western Thailand. Introduced populations also exist in Australia and Sri Lanka. It gets its name from the hog-like manner in which it runs through the forests with its head hung low so that it can duck under obstacles instead of leaping over them like most other deer. Cover is taken as soon as it is feasible. During flight, the tail is held erect, showing the white underside.
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Cervidae
Subfamily: Cervinae
Genus: Hyelaphus
Species: Hyelaphus porcinus Zimmermann, 1780
Synonyms: Axis porcinus (Zimmermann, 1780)

Scientific Name: Hyelaphus porcinus Zimmermann, 1780
Common Names: Hog Deer, Indian Hog Deer, Indochina Hog Deer, Indochinese Hog Deer, Thai Hog Deer; [French] Cerf-cochon, Cerf-cochon d'Indochine, Cerf des Marais; [Spanish] Ciervo Porquerizo de Indochina
Synonyms: Axis porcinus (Zimmermann, 1780)

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