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Tree Frog
Subject: Tree Frog
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Tree Frog

Found in my garden southern Brevard County, Florida. 1.5cm in length.

Tan colored with irridescent, lemon yellow markings and orange eyes.

Identification appreciated.

Mr. John White from said this treefrog is not a native species in USA.
Mr. Dave Fouchey from commented as follows:

Looks like a Green house frog Eleutherodactylus planirostris planirostris

"The Greenhouse Frog was introduced from the Caribbean Islands. The
brilliant scarlet eyes are set apart from the bronzy brown back.
Either spots or two prominent clear brown stripes are located on the
back. It feeds on small invertebrates. The Greenhouse Frog received
its name because it prefers to live in areas of moisture like
greenhouses and gardens. Breeding takes place from April to September.
It inhibits terrestrial habitats in northern Florida where it can
burrow in damp leaf litter in hardwood hammocks and turkey oak-long
leaf pine sandhills. The call is a repetitive musical chirp."


green frog
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