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Blue Mountains Tree Frog (Litoria citropa) - Wiki
Subject: Blue Mountains Tree Frog (Litoria citropa) - Wiki
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Blue Mountains Tree Frog (Litoria citropa) - Wiki

A Blue Mountains Tree Frog (Litoria citropa) showing a mostly brown colouration.

Blue Mountains Tree Frog
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The Blue Mountains Tree Frog, (Litoria citropa) is a species of tree frog native to coastal and highland areas of eastern Australia, from just south of Newcastle NSW, to eastern VIC.

Physical Description
This is a moderate sized frog, up to about 60 mm in length. Its dorsal surface is brown with a few darker flecks. The is a dark stripe that runs from the nostril, above the tympanum, to the groin. There is a lighter golden stripe above and adjacent to the dark stripe. The frog normally green on the side of the head (under the eye), side and arms and legs. The amount of green on an individual frog can range from almost none at all to an all green colour morph (see images, both frogs from the same site). The green colour can occasionally be aqua-green. The armpit, thigh, groin and inner section of the foot are bright red-orange in colour. The belly is white.

Ecology & Behaviour
This species is associated with flowing rocky creeks and streams in woodland and wet or dry sclerophyll forest. This species has a two part call, the first is a strong "warrrrrk" frollowed by a number a shorter notes, that sound like a golf ball going in a hole. Males call from streamside vegetation and rocks in the stream from spring to summer, normally after heavy rain.

This species is often found in highland areas, especially the Blue Mountains, hence its name. The species Litoria jenolanensis is suspected to be genetically the same as this species.
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