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common jellyfish, moon jelly (Aurelia aurita)
Subject: common jellyfish, moon jelly (Aurelia aurita)
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common jellyfish, moon jelly (Aurelia aurita)

Jelly Fish
Aurelia flavidula, Peron and Le Sueur

Subject: Jellyfishes, Aurelia
Tag: Invertebrates
Date 1884
Author George Brown Goode (1851–1896)
English: George Brown Goode (1884) Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States: Section I, Natural History of Useful Aquatic Animals, Plates, Washington, DC: Government Printing Office

The common jellyfish, moon jellyfish, moon jelly, or saucer jelly (Aurelia aurita) is a widely studied species of the genus Aurelia. The moon jellyfish is translucent and can be recognized by its four horseshoe-shaped gonads, easily seen through the top of the bell. Aurelia aurita is found along the eastern Atlantic coast of Northern Europe and the western Atlantic coast of North America.

george brown goode
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